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Poet Tree

“Poet Tree” Art Exhibition 

Presented by the Houma Regional Arts Council

Thursday April 4th, 6:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m.


Open Mic


Video Art

Visual Art

“Exquisite Corpse”


My new(ish) co-worker imagined this event and I’m delighted to be a part of it.  I’ll be unveiling some new works in video art (an hour’s worth, to be exact) to accompany the music of Moses Knightshead and Jak Locke. The new work is a combination of some re-imagined “old” animations (circa 2006) and video art (circa 2010) of mine along with some modified 1950’s animations and films. Although I made the work using my computer and the wonders of modern digital video editing, the computa machine did not make the work. The computer is as much a tool as a paintbrush or a piano. Often times people assume that my video art is the result of only some simple “screen-saver” type plug-in and took no time and no skill to make. I’ll post a breakdown of the process in my next caffeine-induced art rant.

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leaving the void

I still enjoy this video and song. I made it in 2006 for my friends in “cosmic reward”.

dwell not on the twilight,
for daybreak is near.
hanging your mask on the wall,
leaving your shroud by the door
leaving the void.
leaving the void.
As a bird watches from the tree,
I’ll watch from my window.
Fearing the void.
Free of the world.
           -Chance Cenac 2006

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digital media mind

Blissfully busy with Art of the Bayou. Editing away, organizing, grant writing, dreaming. Positive energy being sent out…hoping that the funding gods will send down support so I can grow this project and really start to compensate creatives for their contributions.

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“Stories from the Good Earth” treatment:

Swamp-dwellers, bayou-keepers and guardians of a vanishing language guide this journey through the past, present and potential futures of South Louisiana. Shrimp-boats with flags proclaiming allegiance to the Shrimp and the State drift slowly into focus; rocking with the weight of a family stacked four generations deep. Mutant creatures choking in a toxic stew of ancient remains bob into view as the hypnotic mermaid performs her siren song, lulling us deep into her underwater realm. Is this our future, are we the next Atlantis? We brush against a suffocating web of pipelines transporting the blood of the earth. Joyful gatherings ascend the sticky grasp of reality. Pristine wetlands born of ancient deltas are juxtaposed against modern canal-cut acreage. Skeletal cypress stands dot the horizon, bleached white in dark water glowing with a now-familiar sheen. The oily fingerprint of progress stamps out the view of delicate birds drifting through storms- natural and man-made. Ghostly outlines of South Louisiana melt into the void. We question how it got so bad as quickly as we return to our memories of better days….quietly searching for the survival solution.

stay tuned….

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The Last Atlantis

The zeitgeist is electric with speak of South Louisiana as the next Atlantis. Will my beloved home be swept back into the sea in my lifetime? In my son’s?

Jeanine van der Loo and I have begun work on an experimental documentary inspired by this notion. Our project, The Last Atlantis, combines media art, visual art, music and allegory to tell the story of the potential future of South LA.

To develop content and involve the community in the project, we are conducting “in character” interviews with South  Louisianans, as if participants were speaking from the future as residents of the “Last Atlantis”. In the interviews participants are asked to speak about why South Louisiana is important, went wrong and caused it to become “Atlantis” and what people in 2011 should do to prevent that from happening. Speakers are depicted as mermaids/men, sea creatures, mutant creatures, wreckage and plants- all set in the underwater world of the “Last Atlantis”. We use handmade paper puppets during the interviews to help people get into character…because puppets are fun! (email to become a resident of the Last Atlantis). Audio from community interviews will be used in the film, along with an original soundtrack created by local musicians (in the works…).  A range of techniques (animation, live-action, experimental editing) are being used to create the 30- minute film. In the film, a live-action performance-art-inspired mermaid (the lovely Shannon Eaton) guides viewers on an underwater journey through the sunken remains of South LA to meet talking creatures, plants, and architecture common to South Louisiana.  Ceramic sculptures of these characters will be created for use in the film, exhibition and sale. Prints from the film, as well as props and scenic backdrops will also be available for sale (and given as prizes for donors).

The project is inspired by Terrebonne parish’s increasing vulnerability to natural and man-made disasters and the unique culture of South Louisiana. Our goal is to inspire discussion about our artistic methods and the environmental & social issues addressed by the project.

In December 2011 and August 2012 we will present work from the project at the Waterlife Museum and for Jenny Authement’s fine arts classes at L.E. Fletcher.  Beginning in January 2012, we will present a series of six public workshops in the media & visual arts techniques used in the project. Artwork from workshops will be presented through the project website (currently under construction) and a gallery show at the Waterlife museum during Fall 2012.

The project is supported, in part, by funds from the Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government’s Arts Funding Program as administered by the Houma Regional Arts Council.   The project is sponsored by the Bayou Terrebonne Walterlife Museum. We are very thankful for this support!

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