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Countdown to big change…gonna see how my hermit ways take to living in the city (once again). Thinking it’ll be a good blend of home, studio and “outing” time this go-round. I’m certainly due for  a refill in the sensory input department. August marks the move date. Ayeeeeee.




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Wandering into Images on a Saturday Night

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on truth, progress, and stepping down

…feeling rather dramatic today, several sentences crafted in the ‘woe is he of little faith’ biblical tone. I found a paper with a Buddhist song about karma in the drawer of my new desk in my new office. Perhaps a sign? Seeking organic opportunities for community building and career advancement.  Looking towards bright spots on the horizon. Seeking truth and fairness. Understanding that I do not control the actions of the world. Understanding that time is temporary and trials are teachable moments. Hoping for progress. Thankful for good health, family and true friends.

Yesterday I resigned from my work managing the Coastal Communities Youth Arts Project and assisting in grant writing for the Houma Regional Arts Council. I am thankful for the opportunities the organization has afforded me over the years, especially the opportunities that allowed me to have a hand in bringing arts experiences to underserved youth in South Louisiana. I’ve grown and will continue to grow from the valuable professional development lessons, and am grateful for the organization’s fiscal sponsorship of Art of the Bayou. I will continue to produce and manage this documentary, and hope only for the best (with all things) moving forward….


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strawberry fields day

Art. After art comes the art of business. Is it wrong to mix the two? People build somewhat sustainable careers from this marriage. I think I can do that. However…to more effectively do that I need to make some changes….

Feeling more introverted the last few days, not the same as the weeks before when I was so eager to talk to more humans about new things other than the current things discouraging the human I am and the humans I know. I’m almost constantly thinking about and almost constantly discussing the strangeseriousangering situation unfolding.  I couldn’t possibly have predicted this. We couldn’t possibly have known. That isn’t it. I wish that was it. I fall to being dangerously empathetic and forget myself and my family. I remember my family and the gears start to move. Yesterday we spoke of almost nothing but the levee vs. oil & gas industry suit. I become empowered and went inward to think it over. I’ve emerged with a plan. The alignment of my immediate misfortune and the actions moving forward to battle the larger misfortune of my beloved Louisiana (what it represents to me, at least) are sparking inspiration.  I know what to do and where to get the answers. All its going to take is me going and doing.

So many mountain drives. We are small and it is amazing. The vastness of the planet and the fortune of freedom of mobility in it is conjuring some wonderful art output.  My editing techniques are sharpening and I’m able to make incredible progress in shorter amounts of time. Still, slow moving because of all the trying to figure out the strangeseriousangering. But the thing remains, and practice makes perfect.

And apparently I say “like” a lot during interviews. Like, I really don’t recall saying that I, like, really want people to just love my movies. I mean, like, maybe I do, but like, why would a person ever admit that?

Whatever it is people are going to think about people, they’ve probably already decided. Probably decided when they first heard that thing about that thing you did or maybe did. Or they decided way back in childhood. Or when you stepped into the room or they saw you at that place. Whatever it is I think they’re going to think, I’m going to not worry.

We are above and beneath the rocks. Stand clear.

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Family history: Chitimacha


Pictured above is Amelia Kassel, a Chitimacha woman, mother to Daisy Brady (Leblanc, Banzhoff) and grandmother to Ivy Rose Leblanc Lind (my maternal grandmother).

This connection to some of Louisiana’s first settlers invokes a sort of dizzying feeling and makes the feelings I’ve always had about the natural wonder of this place somehow mean something more. I need to learn more.

a search for songs among the Chitimacha

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Sketch thoughts





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The Last Atlantis

The zeitgeist is electric with speak of South Louisiana as the next Atlantis. Will my beloved home be swept back into the sea in my lifetime? In my son’s?

Jeanine van der Loo and I have begun work on an experimental documentary inspired by this notion. Our project, The Last Atlantis, combines media art, visual art, music and allegory to tell the story of the potential future of South LA.

To develop content and involve the community in the project, we are conducting “in character” interviews with South  Louisianans, as if participants were speaking from the future as residents of the “Last Atlantis”. In the interviews participants are asked to speak about why South Louisiana is important, went wrong and caused it to become “Atlantis” and what people in 2011 should do to prevent that from happening. Speakers are depicted as mermaids/men, sea creatures, mutant creatures, wreckage and plants- all set in the underwater world of the “Last Atlantis”. We use handmade paper puppets during the interviews to help people get into character…because puppets are fun! (email to become a resident of the Last Atlantis). Audio from community interviews will be used in the film, along with an original soundtrack created by local musicians (in the works…).  A range of techniques (animation, live-action, experimental editing) are being used to create the 30- minute film. In the film, a live-action performance-art-inspired mermaid (the lovely Shannon Eaton) guides viewers on an underwater journey through the sunken remains of South LA to meet talking creatures, plants, and architecture common to South Louisiana.  Ceramic sculptures of these characters will be created for use in the film, exhibition and sale. Prints from the film, as well as props and scenic backdrops will also be available for sale (and given as prizes for donors).

The project is inspired by Terrebonne parish’s increasing vulnerability to natural and man-made disasters and the unique culture of South Louisiana. Our goal is to inspire discussion about our artistic methods and the environmental & social issues addressed by the project.

In December 2011 and August 2012 we will present work from the project at the Waterlife Museum and for Jenny Authement’s fine arts classes at L.E. Fletcher.  Beginning in January 2012, we will present a series of six public workshops in the media & visual arts techniques used in the project. Artwork from workshops will be presented through the project website (currently under construction) and a gallery show at the Waterlife museum during Fall 2012.

The project is supported, in part, by funds from the Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government’s Arts Funding Program as administered by the Houma Regional Arts Council.   The project is sponsored by the Bayou Terrebonne Walterlife Museum. We are very thankful for this support!

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