technology as a tool of empowerment for young children

Children are naturally active, empowered protagonists in their relationships with modern technologies. NAEYC/Fred Rogers Center Position Statement on Technology and Interactive Media in Early Childhood Programs notes “When used intentionally and appropriately, technology and interactive media are effective tools to support learning and development.”  Learning spaces and experiences that support child-directed interaction, accompanied by respectfulContinue reading “technology as a tool of empowerment for young children”

Literacy and Early Childhood Education

The Reggio Emilia Approach to Early Childhood Education offers inspiration in so many ways. I’m particularly inspired by the Reggio philosophy of the hundred languages of children and how this shows up in literacy explorations by and for children. (i.e. child-led vs. teacher-led) I recently began offering a new Outschool class, Creating and Experiencing Stories:Continue reading “Literacy and Early Childhood Education”

Technology in Early Childhood Education

Technology in Early Childhood Education is a touchy subject. There’s a lot to unpack in terms of use, access and even what technology is. As an artist and Reggio-inspired early childhood educator/researcher I embrace technology in many forms. Conversely, I sometimes encounter educators who regard technology as a burden. This perspective usually has to doContinue reading “Technology in Early Childhood Education”

Affordable Online Yoga Classes

This week I began offering online Yoga classes through Santa Fe Community Yoga‘s virtual studio (check out their website & blog for some great resources). They are Santa Fe’s only nonprofit yoga studio, with a mission to cultivate holistic well-being through yoga and other mindfulness practices. SFCY offers affordable access to classes and many waysContinue reading “Affordable Online Yoga Classes”

Inner Child, Inner Light

In the Yogic tradition the word “Namaste” is often used as an expression of gratitude; a way to say “the light in me sees, honors & appreciates the light in you.” I think of this inner light like our inner child. What would the world be like if everyone remained connected to and honored theirContinue reading “Inner Child, Inner Light”

Learning Environment Design

One of my thesis projects for graduate school invited an exploration in developing and articulating commitments to the design of learning environments. This reflective practice pushed me to look more closely at myself and how I exist alongside the learners in my context of Outschool. Guiding questions included- What do the children and families inContinue reading “Learning Environment Design”

Literacy and the Hundred Languages of Children

I’ve always found joy in reading and writing, and for a long time I associated literacy only with reading and comprehending text. I think this is due to the way the concept of literacy was presented in my PK-12 school experience. In college I expanded my definition of literacy to include computer, design, digital mediaContinue reading “Literacy and the Hundred Languages of Children”

Sharing love: stories, multimodal communication & virtual learning environments

Embracing Multimodality: Experiencing Stories in Virtual Learning Environments Storytelling can be performed through different media and with different purposes and is considered the oldest form of education. Similarly, virtual learning experiences  can be performed through different media and with different purposes, and it is regarded as the newest form of education. Nowadays, thanks to the unlimitedContinue reading “Sharing love: stories, multimodal communication & virtual learning environments”

connecting across space & time

Looking for a peaceful & unique at-home / after-school activity for children & tweens? I love these classes for many reasons, and as I parent I’m particularly impressed by the freedoms afforded by virtual classes… you don’t have to leave the house AND you can get other things done while your child is in classContinue reading “connecting across space & time”