Hurricane Ida Relief

Watching a hurricane form, approach, make landfall and subsequently destroy places you love is never easy. Watching this all happen from over 1000 miles away is its own special version of difficult (but obviously not anywhere near as difficult as being in it. For that privilege I am both grateful and humbled.). When I made the choice to move away from Louisiana I knew it would be challenging in a lot of ways, but I didn’t anticipate the feelings of helplessness that would come with not always being able to return to help after times of crisis like these. I’ve listed some artwork for sale HERE and if this speaks to you in any way please support/ respond however it makes sense for you.

There are SO MANY people doing AMAZING things to help in South Louisiana right now. Many of these people experienced damage to their own homes and businesses, but without skipping a beat they marched into action helping those who lost EVERYTHING. If you’ve ever visited South Louisiana in the summer, then you know how difficult it is to stay cool. It’s a beautiful place, but the high humidity and temperatures are not the most conducive to feelings of easeful relaxation (or just daily tasks). Now imagine being in that heat & humidity with no respite from the heat….that’s what’s happening to thousands of people right now….approaching two weeks WITHOUT POWER, and in many places, without water or even a house. If you’re privileged like I am to witness all this from the safety and comfort of your home, I ask that you take a minute to consider what it would be like to witness this type of disaster from outside of these protections.

Please support in any way you can. Here are some trustworthy relief efforts that will continue to need our help in the days/ weeks/ months ahead:

The Helio Foundation:

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