Curious Bluebird

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  1. eager to know or learn something.
  2. strange; unusual.

This summer I moved from New Orleans to Santa Fe; a move that is inspiring many new ideas and ways of being, including a new iteration of my business as Curious Bluebird, LLC. Bluebird is a name I chose fifteen years ago because I was drawn to the symbolism of the bluebird- happiness, hope, renewal, knowledge, enlightenment- and I still think it’s a good way to describe my work. It wasn’t surprising that the name Bluebird was already taken (according the New Mexico SOS), so when I started thinking about how to update my existing business name into something that still felt meaningful I arrived at this. The addition of the word curious is incredibly fitting at this point in my career- I’m beginning my second year of grad school and second year of work as an independent educator. I’m eager to gain and share knowledge AND a lot of the time I feel as though my approach to Early Childhood Education is a bit unusual (considering how virtual delivery of Reggio & Yoga-inspired practices isn’t super common- for a variety of good reasons…to be explored later…). Nevertheless, I’m curious about where this path will lead, I’m excited to share the journey with children, families & fellow educators and I’m open to possibilities (including the possibility that I don’t know where it will lead!).

May you always stay curious ✨

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I'm an artist, Yogi and Reggio-inspired Virtual Educator. ✨✌️