past work

Art of the Bayou

Experimental documentary exploring the past, present and potential futures of South Louisiana through the lens of environmental disasters and the arts. The project was awarded grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation and the Houma Area Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.


Bluebird Video

Video art featuring mostly found/altered footage shared as projected visuals during live performances + documentary shorts co-produced for educational programming.


Re-Earth: Regarding Altars- Odyssey  of the Object: Book

This project is comprised of found ceramic objects, buried adjacent to a swamp in South Louisiana, that capture an evolving record of water, land and plants. Altar(ing) (honoring) & dis-regarding, then altering, re-altar(ing) & regarding of objects.


Insides Out

The natural serenity and layered decay of South Louisiana infiltrates this series of self portraits. The work is informed by metamorphosis, stagnation and the abiogenesis theory.