2014, y’all

Have you heard? There’s another one coming. Anticipation is building and I’m struggling to trust in (all of) my resolutions for the new year  I’m enjoying some festive drinks and working away on a design project. Funny thing is I know I can be whatever I truly want to be, but the mix of misfortunes and shake-ups from 2013 left a trail of debris that I’m still working to clear. Confidence issues, or something. Maybe my hesitation to be totally joyful in joining the communal welcome is  just the “you’re supposed to reflect on the year and make the next one better” pressure. Maybe its just the grey skies and cold. Maybe its knowing what I really have to do to move on…grumpo1.jpg

Anyway, here are some arty/worky things from 2013:

  • ART of the BAYOU It was wonderful getting to know all these South LA artists and truly an honor to share their work.
  • Reconnected with an artistic collaborator (we first made videos in 2001!) through the Bayou project. This connection is proving to be one of the most powerful and positive occurrences in 2013. We’re planning a homecoming show, of sorts, in Houma during March 2014. Like us? hate us?…come to the show…you won’t be disappointed. Here’s one of the (many) videos I’ve made for my dear old friend Stephen Berger’s music. [vimeo https://vimeo.com/76669876 w=600]
  • Speaking of shows, I’m excited to start the new year in the company of some beautiful, talented artists on January 4th for “Moses Knightshead’s Heaven and Hell” at the Bayou Terrebonne Waterlife Museum. I’m looking forward to this show and many more to come.
  • Began work with The Helio Foundation; currently  building a partnerships and working to bring arts-based programming to kids in and around Houma
  • Picked up an exciting graphic design job creating a walking map for Historic Downtown Houma, and brochures for the Bayou Terrebonne Waterlife Museum, Terrebonne Folklife Culture Center and the Houma Downtown Marina. I’ve got Creative Suite and I’m not afraid to use it!


So, happy New Year. I wish you all the blessings of now and forever.  I’ll be welcoming 2014 in a quiet old house (save for the insane fireworks blasting around it) in my favorite city with my favorite kid, while enjoying the warmth of shared art, spiritual connection and future visions…..


the words

Foolishly, I trusted her words. I trusted her reassuring “yeah, that went in the mail last week”. I trusted her uneasy laugh, like a good fool would. I trusted her supportive comments about my work and her matter-of-fact answers to our questions about hers. I accepted her word as truth. Weeks turned to months while I trusted. I stopped trusting and became embarrassed for having been “had” and embarrassed about not having enough “hard evidence” to win ALL of my cases about how myself and others were “had” (but time will remedy this). Embarrassment devolved into anger, and now the anger has faded to sadness. The sadness is flirting with hopelessness, in so many ways, and it is terrifying.

the project

It is a constant reminder of the words.  I’ve been assured that it will move away from this sad fact, in time, but that time isn’t here yet.  The reminder is akin to a tree blocking the road after a storm.  I have to find a way to remove it or move around it. I feel the constant need to apologize to everyone remotely related to the project. I cannot think of (much less complete) the project without feeling the effects of the words all over again. This is more of a detriment to the project than the “lost” funds will ever be.


(…………………….please enter now) Is this where compassion for liars comes in? Forgiveness for those who knowingly act in ways that are a detriment to others?



Sometimes it seems my expressions of frustration over the current state of our shared environment are met with blank stares and deaf ears. Why is this? Misunderstanding? Denial?

We all know that golden rule- Do unto others…so why not transcribe that to holding the Energy Industry accountable for environmental damages in South Louisiana and beyond? Beyond that…let’s push for the day where alternative energy becomes the norm.