Sharing skills, experience and inspirations with fellow educators, parents and caregivers through interactive virtual and in-person offerings.

As a facilitator of learning experiences I’m inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach to Education, especially as it relates to the value of shared social learning and responsive listening as empowering practices for all ages in all learning contexts- school, home & beyond.

Learn more about my Yoga classes (for all ages) here.

Learn more about my Reggio-inspired Experiences for preschoolers here.

Reggio-inspired Practices, Mindfulness & Yoga for Early Childhood Educators

Practical tools for fostering Supportive Relationships & Wellness in Early Childhood Programs

Currently offering this workshop as an interactive 1.5 hour virtual training. Contact for availability using the form below. I’m certified to provide professional development hours for Louisiana Early Childhood Educators through the Louisiana Pathways Career Development System.

For a more informal experience, check out my Udemy Course: Mindfulness & Yoga for Early Childhood Educators

Family Yoga Workshop

Family Yoga + Storytime class for children & caregivers followed by a presentation/ Q&A for caregivers.  

The Family Yoga + Storytime class offers dynamic, playful and peaceful explorations of meditation, Yoga poses and breathing techniques for children & their grown ups. Embodied storytelling, songs and creative movement are some of the paths we’ll use to explore these Yoga practices.
The presentation offers tools for fostering developmentally appropriate Yoga & Mindfulness practices for young children at home.

Yoga-inspired Experiences

Ritual, Ceremony & Celebration

I love working with clients to create meaningful, Yoga-inspired experiences. Recent offerings include experiences created for children’s birthday celebrations and end-of-year faculty meetings.

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