My experiences in Yoga, Reggio-inspired Early Childhood Education and Arts-Integrated Education inform my approach to teaching. I aim to foster growth in all areas of child development and elevate the field of Early Childhood Education through my interactive virtual classes and trainings.

As an Independent Trainer with the Louisiana Pathways Program I’m certified to provide teacher training in the following areas: Health & Safety, Physical & Intellectual Development, Social & Emotional Development, Relationships with Families, Professionalism, Observing & Recording Children’s Behavior and Child Development. I am currently offering interactive virtual training on the topics of Mindfulness & Yoga-inspired practices for Early Childhood Educators (⬅️ click to link to asynchronous version of this training) and Interactive Distance Learning for Early Childhood.


Andrea is an intuitive, empathetic engaged teacher. My daughter has completed several sessions of circle time it and has benefited from the continuity of meeting 3x/week for several weeks. Andrea prompts kids with questions, teaches new vocabulary as well as giving kids the chance to practice turn taking and sharing with the class. During COVID in-person preschool hasn't been possible for us. Reggio circle time with teacher Andrea is as good as in-person. Highly recommend!

— Sarah K (Outschool)

Andrea is an amazing teacher. She makes the children and their interests central. The classes adapt to suit children’s interests and give them practice speaking and listening, forming ideas and curiosities and opinions about things. She sends supplemental materials that we can use throughout the week if we like. My daughter  loved this class and frequently brought skills and ideas she had encountered in the class into her daily life. 

Parents looking for a class that will nurture their child’s curiosity and encourage their child to participate with ideas and questions will benefit from this class. Andrea truly represents the Reggio Emilia approach to learning. 

— Leah C (Outschool)

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