My experiences in arts production & education, Yoga and mindfulness inform my approach to teaching. I am passionate about utilizing these as tools for fostering growth in all aspects of child development.

I’m currently working full time as an early childhood educator at a Reggio-inspired preschool. Outside of school hours, here are some examples of arts integrated classes & workshops I offer:


A fun introduction to Yoga practice for young children through instruction in Yoga poses, breathing exercises, meditation, creative movement , visual art and music.

Yoga poses and activities are presented in safe, child-friendly forms that encourage kinesthetic awareness, social-emotional learning and imaginary play. We use creative movement , visual art and music for exploration of the concepts presented through the Yoga poses and mindfulness exercises. 



Use recyclable and natural materials to make art! 

Workshops for all ages with a focus on sensory-based process art. It’s amazing what you can do with sticks and string♥ This workshop can be connected with any subject area or social/emotional topic (I’ve done projects around environmental education,  Mardi Gras, Louisiana Folklore, Halloween, mindfulness & birthday celebrations).

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