curated collections of intelligent materials for conscious consumers

SPECTACULAR SENSORY EXPLORATION ✨every item in this collection is selected and/or created with considerations of:

  • Sight: light, color, opacity, texture, reflection
  • Touch: smooth, silky, metallic, sandy, squishy
  • Smell: fresh dried lavender flowers, rose petals, bergamot-infused dough, rich wood
  • Sound: wood, steel, BPA-free plastic, tin, heavyweight cardboard and sand invite subtle auditory experiences
  • Taste: culinary-grade lavender &/or rose (I use these for tea…1/2tsp per cup boiling water)

Eco-friendly: all packaging and materials are high quality and perfect for creative reuse together or apart. Box is useful for sand exploration tray if you don’t have one. I’ve used these objects/brands in my personal and professional collections for years and they remain perfect.


  • Dough is handmade in small batches with all natural ingredients (including biodegradable glitter). It’s silky to touch and the salt gives a subtle sparkling effect.
  • Play sand (option for natural or eco-dyed sand)
  • Mini-art books are handmade (painted, printed, folded, bound, etc.) with love. Perfect for capturing notes during exploration & supporting expanded awareness
  • Soy wax crayon rocks &/or crystals accompany the mini-books and offer a soothing sensory experience. Can be used to create a variety of marks, from light to strong lines and are perfect for making leaf or found object rubbings. ((Color varies for each set))
  • Lagniappe: each set includes a variety of intelligent materials (including stones, crystals, rocks & surprises) ✨ and links to virtual art, Yoga & meditation experiences

Intelligent materials are those that…

  • provoke, stimulate, challenge, engage, seduce, connect, evoke emotion
  • immediately transmit a message without words to evoke empathy and expression
  • do not impose a direction but that pose questions and elicit hypotheses and the desire to experiment
  • invite questions, curiosity, and experimentation; intelligent materials involve a balance of simplicity and complexity.
  • are evocative and facilitate discovery, exploration, and the creation of stories, metaphors and games.
  • lead to a sense of wonder and excitement so that users are motivated to come back to them.
  • modify one’s perspective and support a combination of different languages that are especially seductive.
  • charm, trick and amuse

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 17 × 17 × 7 cm


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