Sharing love: stories, multimodal communication & virtual learning environments

Embracing Multimodality: Experiencing Stories in Virtual Learning Environments Storytelling can be performed through different media and with different purposes and is considered the oldest form of education. Similarly, virtual learning experiences  can be performed through different media and with different purposes, and it is regarded as the newest form of education. Nowadays, thanks to the unlimitedContinue reading “Sharing love: stories, multimodal communication & virtual learning environments”

Children’s Yoga

“It’s not about being good at something. It’s about being good to yourself.” “It’s not about being good at something. It’s about being good to yourself.” Guiding children and teens in developing an understanding and appreciation of Yoga practices is an absolute privilege. I am grateful for the technological tools that make connection to people,Continue reading “Children’s Yoga”

400 and counting

Reflecting on the last year and feeling so much gratitude for all the families who trust/ have trusted me with their children. It remains astonishing to me that I am able to interact with so many families from all over the world from the comfort of my home. I’ve been “online” since the late 90’sContinue reading “400 and counting”


I’m grateful to everyone who reads this blog and visits this site, so just wanted to say thanks and (re)introduce myself. I have some exciting things in the works for Family Yoga and Reggio-inspired education that I’ll be sharing soon, but for now…. Hi! My name is Andrea, I’m an Early Childhood Educator, Yoga TeacherContinue reading “hello!”


This is a book that opens minds and connects people. It is one of my absolute favorite books to share with young children because it opens up so much space for wonder, curiosity and freedom. One of the reasons why I began working in Early Childhood Education was to be able to spend time aroundContinue reading “If…”

New Year Traditions

2021 Every other New Year I re-start my blog…so in the spirit of tradition and trying again here we go! In this iteration I plan to share about my Master’s degree explorations in Innovative Early Childhood Education, my journey from in-person to virtual educator, Yoga, art-making and motherhood.

Vanishing Points

Vanishing Points is a website that enables community members in South Louisiana to identify points of cultural significance that are threatened due to land subsidence, sea level rise and coastal erosion. The purpose of this project is to preserve this information for future generations of bayou residents while sharing noteworthy information of a people threatenedContinue reading “Vanishing Points”