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time warp: Great Grandmother Sylvania

Sylvania Langley

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attention world

part one: method

Tonight, the computer brightness can’t get right for my eyes, but this house box only allows for so much activity space, so I stay. I scroll through an oldish music library and every single song reminds me of something I want to forget. I want to just download my brain, where does one sign up for such things? What’s wrong with me? 

My art practice of late is schizoid, but seems to be is moving forward. I’m allowing myself time to think about projects…but I also sometimes get lost in the variety and am not as attentive to certain tasks as I should be. I’m trying to stay organized with the non-art-making (but its all art…right?) work tasks and not let them overwhelm me. Its all about using the space-time continuum wisely. I’d write more about the arts-making, but I want to actually make some right now, so that’ll wait. I’m learning about properly writing screenplays. Tapping into the word brain and building a story called “Droil”.

I’m also, most importantly, trying my best to balance parenting and working. I enjoy work and projects and work/projects. I think its important to have a good balance, but sometimes I the wires get tangled. Thankful for balance and a happy, healthy child.  librastuff.

made this

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Family history: Chitimacha


Pictured above is Amelia Kassel, a Chitimacha woman, mother to Daisy Brady (Leblanc, Banzhoff) and grandmother to Ivy Rose Leblanc Lind (my maternal grandmother).

This connection to some of Louisiana’s first settlers invokes a sort of dizzying feeling and makes the feelings I’ve always had about the natural wonder of this place somehow mean something more. I need to learn more.

a search for songs among the Chitimacha

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updates for public notice

Facebook age is only as useful and enjoyable  as we make it

distraction-free writing mode in wordpress. all I had to do was click a button

“doesn’t matter, we’re not a swing state” (don’t tell anyone)

I updated my online resumé on a Saturday night and enjoyed doing it.

I’m feeling more inclined to be social, and attempting to converse and participate more with a local arts group.

After this post I will immerse myself in editing video images that don’t have to “make sense” as a linear sequence of information. Maybe some Facebook. Maybe some adventures in sound.

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swamp nest

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strange histories

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