Technology in Early Childhood Education

Technology in Early Childhood Education is a touchy subject. There’s a lot to unpack in terms of use, access and even what technology is. As an artist and Reggio-inspired early childhood educator/researcher I embrace technology in many forms. Conversely, I sometimes encounter educators who regard technology as a burden. This perspective usually has to do with frustrating experiences and sometimes stems from age-related matters. (The term digital immigrant was coined by Marc Prensky in 2001 to describe anyone who grew up prior to the digital age. Generally, people are considered to be digital immigrants if they were born prior to 1985. )

I’m developing a training on the topic of technology and early childhood education (launching late 2022). The primary purpose is demystifying and exploring possibilities for active, empowered use. The training is rooted in the Reggio Emilia Approach and STEAM education. Guided by these approaches, we will explore ways of embracing and using technology within in-person and virtual education environments. This training will provide an overview of a variety of technological tools and applications suitable for dynamic use by educators and children. Additionally, I’ll share practical information about tools, hardware, software, wires, ports and file formats (oh my!) alongside ideas for bringing young children into these explorations. I hope to guide educators towards replacing tech-related feelings of stress and anxiety with confidence and excitement. I’m excited to get this out into the world!

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Published by Andrea Dupree

I'm an artist, Yogi and Reggio-inspired Virtual Educator. ✨✌️