Mindfulness & Yoga Workshops for Early Childhood Educators

Photo by Fiona Art on Pexels.com

Not only do I love participating in Yoga & Reggio-inspired learning experiences with children, but I also value sharing my skills and experiences with these approaches with fellow educators and caregivers. Taking some time during my semester break to focus on growing the audience for one of my favorite workshops, “Mindfulness & Yoga for Early Childhood Educators”, and sharing widely in hopes of making some new connections. The workshop offers practical, research-based tools for fostering Supportive Relationships & Wellness in Early Childhood Programs. It features content inspired by my work as an Early Childhood Educator and Children’s Yoga Instructor (i.e. theories & ideas I’ve actually put into practice in both in-person and virtual contexts). I’m certified to provide professional development hours for Early Childhood Educators in Louisiana through the Louisiana Pathways Career Development System and set up to provide all required paperwork for verifying PD hours. Now booking for the Summer and Fall, let’s connect!

This training can be realized as interactive virtual (Zoom) & in-person (available beginning Fall 2021) . Either iteration of the workshop includes:

  • Overview & embodied explorations of Mindfulness & Yoga practices
  • Neuroscientific benefits of Mindfulness & Yoga practices for children & adults
  • Developmentally-appropriate Mindfulness & Yoga practices for young children
  • Ideas for incorporating Mindfulness into the design & implementation of early childhood environments and routines

Published by Andrea Dupree

I'm an artist, Yogi and Reggio-inspired Virtual Educator. ✨✌️