Poet Tree

“Poet Tree” Art Exhibition  Presented by the Houma Regional Arts Council Thursday April 4th, 6:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. Poetry Open Mic Music Video Art Visual Art “Exquisite Corpse” Refreshments My new(ish) co-worker imagined this event and I’m delighted to be a part of it.  I’ll be unveiling some new works in video art (an hour’s worth,Continue reading “Poet Tree”

Family history: Chitimacha

Pictured above is Amelia Kassel, a Chitimacha woman, mother to Daisy Brady (Leblanc, Banzhoff) and grandmother to Ivy Rose Leblanc Lind (my maternal grandmother). This connection to some of Louisiana’s first settlers invokes a sort of dizzying feeling and makes the feelings I’ve always had about the natural wonder of this place somehow mean somethingContinue reading “Family history: Chitimacha”