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leaving the void

I still enjoy this video and song. I made it in 2006 for my friends in “cosmic reward”.

dwell not on the twilight,
for daybreak is near.
hanging your mask on the wall,
leaving your shroud by the door
leaving the void.
leaving the void.
As a bird watches from the tree,
I’ll watch from my window.
Fearing the void.
Free of the world.
           -Chance Cenac 2006

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updates for public notice

Facebook age is only as useful and enjoyable  as we make it

distraction-free writing mode in wordpress. all I had to do was click a button

“doesn’t matter, we’re not a swing state” (don’t tell anyone)

I updated my online resumé on a Saturday night and enjoyed doing it.

I’m feeling more inclined to be social, and attempting to converse and participate more with a local arts group.

After this post I will immerse myself in editing video images that don’t have to “make sense” as a linear sequence of information. Maybe some Facebook. Maybe some adventures in sound.

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