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recent events

enjoying time with/teaching/guiding West

studying and practicing the Reggio Emila approach

dreaming up and/or realizing ideas for “The Last Atlantis” project

production assistant for Dreamsite Productions’ Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government educational video project

creating and re-working video art for projections during Isle Dernière’s show Sunday

experimenting with new video art equipment and styles for my upcoming (Nov. 19..stay tuned) video installation/live projections performance with the Artist Inc. Collective

YMCA-ing it…hello body combat, Pilates, zumba!


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swamp things

Swamp Thing Alley Cat Bike Race afterparty

‘ol bluebrains here, reporting:

I’ll be screening videos (made special for the Isle Dernière sounds and concept) and trying not to start any arguments about oil or otherwise. May construct a costume, may take your picture, may poke you in the eye with my palmetto hat. We’ll see.  Will probably just be excited about the bike race.

The Geaux Geaux Sheaux will be there..friiiinge.

Occurring Sunday, September 18 · 8:00pm – 11:00pm at the Boxer & Barrel of Houma, Louisiana.


ALL PROCEEDS will be donated to Houma-Sunrise Rotary Club in support of Bikes for Kids.

A great cause and bikes are fun (remember?) and should be used more often around this flat town. How about some bike lanes, Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government! Mama don’t like ridin’ along no highway, now. Its a matter of investing in jobs, paint and pavement, no? Ok, maybe some sort of tractor equipment. Maybe some of the lawn-mower enthusiasts out there could pitch in, in the spirit of community. Remind me to remind us to contact the candidates about that. That could be a good thing to rally for during election season, all you Terrebonne bike-riding (or like me: mrs. would-be bike-riding more if I wasn’t so worried ab me and my sweet baby getting smooshed by angry/careless/texting SUV/8-cylinder engine motorists) Terrebonne parish voters…

night, yawls.

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