“Stories from the Good Earth” treatment:

Swamp-dwellers, bayou-keepers and guardians of a vanishing language guide this journey through the past, present and potential futures of South Louisiana. Shrimp-boats with flags proclaiming allegiance to the Shrimp and the State drift slowly into focus; rocking with the weight of a family stacked four generations deep. Mutant creatures choking in a toxic stew of ancient remains bob into view as the hypnotic mermaid performs her siren song, lulling us deep into her underwater realm. Is this our future, are we the next Atlantis? We brush against a suffocating web of pipelines transporting the blood of the earth. Joyful gatherings ascend the sticky grasp of reality. Pristine wetlands born of ancient deltas are juxtaposed against modern canal-cut acreage. Skeletal cypress stands dot the horizon, bleached white in dark water glowing with a now-familiar sheen. The oily fingerprint of progress stamps out the view of delicate birds drifting through storms- natural and man-made. Ghostly outlines of South Louisiana melt into the void. We question how it got so bad as quickly as we return to our memories of better days….quietly searching for the survival solution.

stay tuned….

Published by Andrea Dupree

I'm an artist, Yogi and Reggio-inspired Virtual Educator. ✨✌️

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