ten years of dancing light

Today I remembered that it has been ten years since I began creating video art for musicians. (Below are three very early videos for bands in Thibodaux and Houma, LA.) I started work on these in early 2001 and completed  an epic 1 hour VHS tape (packaged in boxes covered in shiny silver tape) in 2002 called “A New Horizon” that included these three videos ….probably about 25 tapes exist, total. I created these using my family’s PC and a very simple consumer-based digital editing software called “Pinnacle Home Movie Maker”. I shot all the footage using my Sony Hi8 digital video camera (and re-shot a lot of footage off of my 1970’s era tv set that was fed by a 1990’s VCR). Lot’s of taping and re-taping and wearing out the tapes to get that “look”. The “Surf Thugs Theme” video features re-worked footage from a 1986 dance recital tape of mine. I can’t count the number of times that the heavy editing crashed the computer (which was running on barely 1GB of RAM). Very thankful for my patient mother (who received her M.A. in Computer Science in 1972) and all of her help in explaing the program and inner workings of the computer to me.

Here’s to another ten…

“Low High” by Chairman Mao 2001

The song is “Death of Chairman Mao” by Stephen Berger (www.mylifethroughnoise.com)

performed by Chairman Mao circa 2001-02

You believe your motivation is for a home or a coat of armor?
Money and success are a state of mind
God confusion comes –
they mix you up with water and wine
Now I know why
They mix you up -(and you’re) wondering,
“What do they know???”
and confusion comes
They mix you up just right

Dearest viewers, please note: Andrea Dupree does NOT “worship” the man, agree with philosophies or seek to validate or glorify his actions through this work.

“Surf Thugs Theme” by the Surf Thugs

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