March 12, 9p-12a

Michalopoulos Studio
527 Elysian Fields Ave

REVEL is a multi-disciplinary performance salon.
Performing artists and film makers share new and in progress works
to a supportive audience of other artists and local sophisti-cats.

Entre Gratis! (donations gratefully accepted…)


Sanzenbach and Wallin Ensemble
Improvisational music

Raphaelle O’Neil reads new writing
“The Year of Black and Gold,” one woman’s journey through 2010 (the year the Saint’s win the Super Bowl), in which she finds both true love, and the heartache of witnessing the nation’s worst environmental disaster.

Reese Johanson and Mark Albers
“Graveyard Shift Guitar Hero”, physical theater performance-
Guitar hero leads a security guard and an executive to an unlikely romance, a fight love scene, tango and a museum heist.
Accompaniment by Sanzenbach and Wallin Ensemble

Chard Gonzalez Dance Theatre

Andrea Dupree / Bluebird Art and friends
Video Art featuring music of Isle Dernière with go-go dancing by Geaux Geaux Sheax, plus wacko animations of oil stories, dinosaurs, jerky dancing, ladybugs (and more) accompanied by “Mr Bill Gives Shell the Bill”  a mockumentary short by Walter Williams.

Isle Dernière
Our Houma / Lafayette friends rocking us at the end of the eve

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