Ivoire Spectacle

Last night I had the joy of filming a performance by the group “Ivoire Spectacle” at the Roosevelt Hotel. They performed there as part of an African Studies conference in New Orleans. The juxtaposition of the African drumming, dancing and traditional costumes against the lavish, chandelier-ed, wallpapery, Greco-Roman-statue-ed, froufrou carpeted backdrop of the Roosevelt was quite odd. I came in with that mindset, and that awareness stayed with me on and off throughout the performance, but the majority of the time I was completely lost in the music and dancing…completely forgot where we were…and magically transported to a place I’ve never been…the Ivory Coast. This group of talented performers is a true treasure. http://www.ivoirespectacle.com/index.php

*videos to come soon*

Published by Andrea Dupree

I'm a Graduate student (MA Innovative ECE), RYT/ Children's Yoga Teacher & Reggio-inspired educator facilitating classes on Outschool & artist ✨✌️

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